Here is a Twitter message of a Motswana desperately calling for help from the government! Please share

I am a Motswana student who is currently pursuing a double degree in chemistry and studio art in the USA and this pandemic has me stuck in Minnesota, but school closes next week- leaving me with nowhere to stay.

I haven’t been home in two years now, I couldn’t afford to go home last year due to financial constraints but I managed to find a job to get by. This time, however, everything is closed and I have nowhere to go and no source of income.

I have petite mal seizures from time to time and that alone costs a fortune, and my hospital bills are flooding my mail box at the moment. I had 3 jobs on campus before and I had managed to pull through but I hardly stand a chance this semester.

I have hopes of bringing useful techniques to my country under the mining sector, bringing my skills as a chemical engineer, but my dream might just fleet away if go knee deep in debt. Can I please get some sort of financial assistance, for this one time.

These are tough times and although I can’t say I have been hit harder than everyone, I am in dire need.


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