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Moscow Based Motswana Model

Walking in the streets of Instagram in 2018, I was intrigued by an amazing piece of art from a Moscow Photography Portfolio. There was something about that creative piece. Something within me connected with it instantly. Well… only to found later that the model on the picture was a Motswana. I knew it ! We connected instantly – possibly because we were two foreigners in two different countries.

Finally I was privileged to interview to find out of her in-born-modeling career. It comes naturally from her! Let’s find out from her interview!

May you briefly tell me about yourself?

Moscow based Motswana model: I’m 21 and living in Moscow. Ive been modeliing for about 2 years now. I’m signed to Andy Fiord agency.

How did you start as a fashion model?

My friend put up a story on instagram, a photographer saw it and asked if i wanted to be in his shoot. 

At some point of your life , you decided to move to Russia to pursue your studies? What were the reasons behind your migration? Or did you have fashion modeling in mind?

Moscow based Motswana Model

I came here solely for school, the modeling thing just found me. Infact i never thought of being a model before.

You are one of the popular and very amazing fashion models  in Russia? How did you break though to the level you are?

That is a very difficult question. I believe you grow with every shoot you do, so the more i got exposed, the more i grew. In the beginning i didnt know how to carry myself on set. The photographer and producer guides you through, but now i do almost everything on my own. 

Moscow based Motswana Model

Do you believe in the popular cliche that Botswana doesn’t recognize the amazing talents she has? 

Its not about recognizing talents, she just doesnt acknowledge this industry.

Do you think Botswana has a market for you? 

I dont think it does.

You also do runaways? what else do you do apart from being a fashion model?

I dont do runway. It requires way more work and effort. You cant make mistakes here, you only get one shot and it has to be perfect. I’m open to it though, if it came my way i would try it, but its not something i would focus all my energy on.

Do you have any plans of coming back to Botswana to pursue your passion?

Unfortunately, no. I wouldnt survive on it alone. 

What has been your greatest challenge in your journey as a Motswana based Moscow model?

Moscow based Motswana Model

My height. The main reason i dont do runway is because i’m not tall enough. But i’m not saying this hinders me, i can still do fashion week. This just means that i would have to work twice as much to actually get chosen.

What message can you give to creative persons like you who are still striving for the spot light? 

Work harder and be consistent. You wont get to the top overnight. 

What should we look out for ? Any new projects or developments in your career?

All i can say is i’m trying to penetrate a different market. 


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