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The BGCSE and JCE 2019 results has shown that majority of students who sat for the 2019 exams do not do well therefore may not be able to seek admission to further their tertiary and secondary educations. The prices for tutorials have gone up and only a few of those who wish to re write their exams can afford them. It is shocking that there are still students who have been re-writing since 2014. It is almost 6 years now and due to the expensive tutorials they could not find a helping hand for them to perform better.

In this regard, I would like to offer students who fall in the problem statement above, an opportunity to enjoy tutorials at a FREE cost to help improve their performances. #FreeBGCSEandJCTutorials is a movement conceived after a heartfelt urge to be an agent of change to our younger ones. With the rise of unemployed graduates, there is a need to ensure that our young ones perform better in their secondary education exams so that they can qualify for programmes that suits the current market. Most of them are just settling for the sponsorship cut-off points therefore they end up doing courses that are saturated in the market.

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