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Make money online! Each time when you hear someone asking you about making money , you concludes that’s it’s either they want to scam you or introduce you to network marketing or forex trading. Well… I have legit ideas you can consider to start making legitimate money online.

Make money online
Make Money Online

1. Freelancing

There are so many freelance projects that you can do to make money online and get paid from $5/hour to even $500 depending on the project. I have joined 2 freelance platforms called Upwork and Freelancer . These two platforms helps me to connect me with my clients for different tasks that I have signed up for. I specialize in customer Service, marketing and data entry, therefore all the tasks that I bid for, are around this areas of my specialty. You can literally subscribe to any kind of job in this platforms, ranging from data entry to designs and even virtual assistants. Some clients want freelancer who can even work for them for more one project or month.

2. Blogging

I have always wanted to start blogging because I knew how much one can make through it. After procrastinating I finally decided to be consistent and ensure that I provide content that you love. So this is how it works; firstly when you set up your blog ensure that you have install ads plugins, search engine optimization plugins and any plug that improve the functionality of your blog. Creating good content and consistency among other factors, would drive traffic to your blog. When your blog becomes relevant, adverts will be placed on your blog and you will get paid for it. Another way to make money from blogging includes affiliate marketing where companies and brands partner with you to place their products on your blog and paid commission each time that product is bought through your blog. Well… I will write an article directed to Blogging only. There are so many ways of make money online 💰 through it. Are you a writer? Submit your entries to htttp://

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