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There are many political philosophies and theories that we may be aware of – many propounded many years ago – I DOUBT THEY CAN FULLY APPLY IN OUR MODERN SOCIETIES. . They have shaped the way the “GAME OF POLITICS” is being played. In the line of political history, most politicians or active political leaders ages ranges between 60 and 80 if not 90. It starts to look like a retirement plan actually.

In my small mind that reads a lot, the image of an ideal leaders that i have always visualized does not resemble the true image of most leaders in action today. Very few fits into this little perfect image. But i need to paint that picture to you. In this article, i will outline some qualities of a leader and certain expectations that the “followers” have for him or her.


  • Heart for people
  • Agility to serve
  • Strength to execute his promises
  • Charisma
  • Courage
  • Problem Solving
  • Teachability
  • Vision

– With the help of the knowledge obtained from John C Maxwell’s The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

How can one be a leader “by position” when they do not care about people? Having a servanthood mentality can really help one in being a great leader that many people would follow. Unfortunately in today’s world many people are just leaders by the offices they occupy but very few have the leadership traits to run that office and deliver results.

To me leadership is synonymous to serving the interests of the people. If you are selfish by yourself, greedy or “tight-fisted” how will you then serve the people.

Leadership requires energy and strength. Well we both know that as we get old, the body is not active like before. Not just the whole body – lets talk about the mind. You may be able to think but how deep can you do that. Possibly you are just there to satisfy your own interests! or its a retirement plan! After all you know that most of the things required from you, you wont even live for long to enjoy them – so where do you get inspiration to push harder and command impact.

To be continued………………………


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