Investing in Botswana
Picture by Puso Ramagapu

Investing in Botswana is what most foreign business gurus are looking forward to. Even Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa has an eye for Botswana. But still I wonder why people still did not know about the marvelous things found and done in Botswana. It is surprising that some people in this world do not know that there’s is a country called Botswana. Well I am not surprised because when I was in Nigeria I always had to look for Atlas to show them where Botswana is situated in Africa!

Disclaimer: Botswana is not in South Africa! But in Southern Part of Africa.

If you want to know more about Botswana’s market from a normal citizen without sugarcoating, then you’re in the right place. Note that the information in this article is purely my opinion and findings of my research. I choose to believe that you know already the basics of Botswana- let me just mention a few;

  1. Botswana is a landlocked country- we don’t have access to the sea ( yeah we don’t have a beach).
  2. Botswana’s currency is Pula which means “rain”! Very strong currency. Check today’s rate
  3. Botswana is popular language is Setswana
  4. Setswana has a generic way of greeting- whether it’s morning , noon or at night. We say “ Dumela” Du- me- la then for respect purposes we add “mma” for females and “rra” for males to make it “ Dumela mma or Dumela”. That’s a topic for another day.


Let me assume that market you mean the purchasing power and the willingness of people to buy a particular product or service right! So you need to determine this by knowing the nuggets i will provide below;

  1. Botswana produces one of the best diamonds 💎 in the whole world and the mining sector has continued to boast our economy. It is sad that 99% of citizens have never seen this diamond though we walk on it!
  2. Botswana produces the best beef – Ask Steve Harvey! He mentioned it in his television shows that he has never tasted any better beef than of Botswana. Yeah our cows are more than the entire population! So if you’re of doing beef production- try next door.
  3. Botswana is one of the most eco- tourism friendly in the world- no hype! We have the biggest inland delta! The Okavango Delta. Wealth of wildlife. You see why our President lifted the hunting ban over elephants! It’s population is almost 15% of our human race population. We need to deal with this before they take over. This is not animal farm. Anyway, it’s unfortunate that more tourism businesses belongs to foreign investors. They are doing well! You can invest your money here you won’t regret it!


Sources for in-depth information



The following are the top 10 areas you can invest your money in Botswana. In no particular order;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Tourism
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Education
  5. Health
  6. Transport and Logistics
  7. Financial Services
  8. Automotives
  9. Energy
  10. Leather and Leather products

You may download this booklet for more information!



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