Human trafficking is popular in West Africa where citizens are eager to move from their home countries to look for greener pastures. Sponsors of human trafficking devices means to deceive their victims to fall for their trap. Some obvious reasons includes helping their victims find work or even sports activities such as football. I mean we both know that West African particularly Nigeria, they have the best African Players in Football.


Certain circumstances such as poverty can push victims to this issue. Some individuals are just not content with their lifestyles therefore they think they need to go “abroad” to live a better life. By so doing, they become vulnerable.

On a recent Facebook post, a Motswana lady shared her experience on how she was trafficked to Nigeria. Before quoting her story, it is important to note that it seems like Nigerian men have become a special commodity to the women’s market. Probably because of how they are perceived when it comes to family and taking care of their wives- also I heard that the other room too!


Here is the story of the alleged victim.

I read a story on your wall this morning & it gave me the strength to open up. I share my story & offer me counselling. I arrived in Botswana from Nigeria a few days before lockdown. We arrived straight into quarantine. When I finished quarantine I went straight into lock down. I am so close to losing my mind. Batho ba modimo…I got into a relationship with a Nigerian and he convinced me to accompany him to see his family in Nigeria. On arrival there, he took my passport, phone, luggage & locked me in a room with other ladies who had been in there for a very long time. Our job was prostitution. I spent 8months in Nigeria without ever seeing the outside of the house. We where exposed to every type of sex including sleeping with animals. I feel so dirty and ashamed as I am writing all this. Your posts have encouraged me to break my silence. I am not dead today because we were saved by a good samaritan who managed to break us all out and helped us to get back to our repective countries. Please avoid trusting foreigners to the extent of going outside the country with them. I just want lock down to end so that I can be around people & get proper counseling from you sir. Thank you for making us strong.


The biggest challenge that humanity has, it is called selfish desires. We are so selfish such that sometimes we compromise our worth for them. There are many precautions that can help you;

  1. Every citizen traveling to a foreign country should notify the embassy in that particular place. The office of the High Commissioner is responsible for its citizens and of course other affairs in that foreign country. You would find out that the lady above did not register with the embassy therefore it will be difficult to trace them or help them.
  2. Be analytic- if maybe the reasons of your travelling involve marriage or job, ensure that you think it through. Analyze it – because of course we are aware of possible cases. Don’t be too blind. They say love is blind but trust me it’s consequences will give you clear sight.
  3. Establish a connection prior your travelling- if you’re traveling to Nigeria for in case, try to find another citizen in that country. And make sure that when you arrive at least, they see where you stay. If the person traveling with you insists otherwise, then that’s a red flag.


Human trafficking has rendered women and girls vulnerable. A lot of them are sold as sex slaves while some as asserts of prostitution sponsors. But coming to think about it, many foreigners would die to come to Botswana. A country filled with peace and serenity. Harmony and tolerance for foreigners and people of different faith. We should not be counted among human trafficking statistics. If you know anyone around the world who has experienced this, let them share their story with us.

To read more on human trafficking please visit the following sites.



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