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Foreign scholarship are so real and trust me they are a burden-lifter off our shoulders. Maybe we can’t really feel it that much in Botswana! Most countries of the world, citizens pay fully for their school fees and tuitions. Possibly it is only Botswana out of the whole world that the government pays for its citizens undergraduate studies. 

Nevertheless the Botswana Government pays for its citizens undergraduate studies depending of their fulfillment to certain criterion. As for post graduate studies only few masters programmed gets sponsored such as MPhil and PGDE at the University of Botswana ( )

In most cases, Botswana citizens only have the stress to look out for post- graduate foreign scholarships while in other countries, citizens have to search for undergraduate scholarships and even bursaries. I will share with you tips on how to secure yourself a foreign scholarship. It could  be for a post graduate or undergraduate studies!

Check Sponsorship Site

The first thing you need to do is to identify sites that showsgenuine scholarships available for different programmes and in different countries. Make it a routine to check them out if possible, every morning.

Prepare your personal statement 

Almost every school and foreign scholarship will always require you to submit either statement of purpose or personal statements. Since you know the programme you wish to enroll for , you should have it ready, so that you will just be changing the names of the schools as you apply. I know that writing those is not beans! 

Connect with the admissions office

Most foreign scholarship depends first in you securing a place in any of the universities that their scholarships cover, therefore you need to secure an admission first. This should actually be the first step.

Take your time to deliver the best essays

I think this is the most annoying part of every scholarship application. Long essays! You need to take your time. Write them comprehensively and proofread. Since most scholarships have the same essay questions, I always have them saved. I’ll customize when need be.

Follow up 

Now that you have applied for both the scholarship and for admission, follow up with admissions office. Try to secure a provisional admission. Though most scholarships requires you to have admission before anything else. Well… Build a relationship with a personnel in charge of your admission. All schools are hungry to admit qualifying students! Pursue your admissions.

Get admission at the beginning of the year. Choose a summer school session so you will have enough time. If possible secure for both winter and summer sessions. We will see how it works. Apply for the scholarship. With admission, it is hard to be rejected or denied a scholarship.

Here are some of the pages you can check for genuine foreign scholarships;


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