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The first time in my life I got called for an interview and got rejected! No matter the good comments I received, I have never been hurt and heartbroken like this before! The time is 01:50am – I cant sleep!

Well I got rejected only because I didn’t have enough experience! My character, my intellect, my mentality, my attitude- everything was on point! But experience stole my opportunity to work in my dream company! 


On Tuesday evening I received a call from my dream company that I have been scheduled for an interview on Thursday that same week. I was more that 200 kilometers from the city where I was to attend my interview. Early Wednesday morning I found my way back to the city. Unfortunately I had to go through the stress of asking for people’s rides- yeah public transport wasn’t in operation. I arrived in Gaborone around 4pm.

Well… I am a proactive person and believe so much in adequate preparations. First thing first, I told my mentor about the interview band she being an HR personnel she guided me through – like as usual! I got my materials ready and prepared for my interview.

My interview was scheduled for 3:00pm so I left my house at 1:00pm ( for a les than 30 minutes drive) – well I never wanted to be late or caught up in traffic or anything of that sort. I arrived at the venue at 2:00pm – I didn’t mind because I still had my journal with me to do ny final touches!

Unfortunately the reception area was just right in front of the board room! My interviewer can towards me, he asked, “ Are you Ms Busumane” well I responded well. He further asked if I did mind to go on with my interview despite the agreed time. I didn’t mind at all! I have learnt to live ready- surely I was ready!


There were three gentlemen ( big men) and a beautiful lady on the panel! Far to my right was a late 30’s looking young man whom they claimed to be the person to be replaced. Well- definitely he wanted to see who wanted to fit his shoes! Trust me his shoes looked Big already- but didn’t lose courage.

I made sure that I kept a very good countenance, moderate dressing and makeup- well I wore vintage. The lady on the panel was my sweetener- for every answer I’d say – I made sure I checked her face – yeah you know parents do not know how to hide expressions. Clearly she was impressed.


After a series of questions and interactions, the main interviewer hard to cut the chase- frankly he said, “ Masego, you gave the best mentality, drive , attitude and every trait needed for this job… “ made me hopeful until he added, “but you do not have the right experience…” I have never been emotional in an interview before- well a tear dropped! Literally it did! The mama in the house offered me water- you see why women are important in interview panels!

Faster than anyone she saw that I was losing it! Well they took turns in asking me some personal questions- well that broke me – I’m an emotional weakling I know! I still managed to keep my cool!

Well… my intellectual ability, good CGPA, attributes, Character, Personality was never enough to secure me a place in that reputable company! I lost an opportunity to work in my dream company! Experience stole my opportunity!

Where are expected to start? Would you lose a potential assert because of experience? What happened to grooming for yourself? Are you willing to let go of talent that you can tailor- make it and make it fit perfectly fit for your company!

I lost it!


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  1. I wouldn’t want to sound cliché but trust me when I say you will get an even better opportunity. When going through something quite similar to your story just this week, a friend of mine said, “maybe your paths were not meant to cross at this point in time. Maybe you are to go learn something else where you got accepted”. Trust me when I say I was devastated. We truly never know what rejection means when it’s actually happening but in time, things start to unfold so beautifully. Please keep your head up and keep going. ☺ Whatever you do, don’t stop.

  2. Don’t cry over lost opportunity, something greater is on your way.
    Imagine being called for an interview immediately after lockdown only to be told you’re not fit, it hurts but I still held my head high.

    1. Awwn – i am so sorry ! finally something good came out of it.

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