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COVID-19 Lockdown in Botswana 🇧🇼


On the 20th of  March this year, the novel virus, COVID-19 found its way into a 2 million populated country. This was verified by the report from the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Kwape who announced the first 3 confirmed.

It’s was quite unfortunate that when the first  3 cases were announced, prior to the release of the results , there was  an elderly woman who had travelled to South Africa for a funeral on the 15th of March and died on the 25th of March. Her tests results came back positively the 31st.

The country was now standing at a ratio of 4:1:0 (4 active cases with one death case, no recoveries). This called for the president to announce a 21 day State of Emergency and 28 day extreme social distancing period Which began on the 3rd of April.

Two days later, on the 5th of  April – 2 more new cases were reported bringing the total number of COVID19 confirmed cases to 6. (5:1:0). Even a single addition to the active cases will definitely shake this 2 million populated country. The President and the Health Team have to think and act as soon as possible. No one wants to see cases increasing at rate of those in Italy and U.K. Through the Special Parliamentary Meeting a 6 months State of Emergency was implemented.

On the 9th of April 2020, Botswana recorded its 2 local transmission cases and 5 more foreign-cases. At this point the total number of confirmed cases was 13. 

#KeepingUpWithTheParlimentSeason1 began on 9 April – where all those who had attended the Special Parliamentary Meeting including the President and all Members of Parliament were put in quarantine after it was revealed that one of the positive cases was of a nurse who was posted to assist the MPs the previous day.

On the 16 April – 2 new cases bringing the total to 15. Three days later, on the 19th, 5 new cases bringing the total to 20. Also on the 22 of April , 2 more cases bringing the total to 22. With this irregular increase of new cases, the President announced an extension of current lockdown rules and regulations by a week.

On the 28th of April – 1 more cases was confirmed bringing the total to 23  cases. (24:1:0)

On the 29th of  April the country recorded its first cases of recoveries.The Director of Health Services, Dr Tshipayagae announced 5 total recoveries. (24:1:5).

Three more new recoveries were recorded! The ration stands at 


Tests Performed 7675
Confirmed Cases23
Active Cases14


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